3 Ideas for a Last Minute Halloween Costume

It’s the 30th of October, the day before Halloween. You didn’t read our article Best Shops to Find Halloween Costumes in Dublin”, so you forgot your outfit for the party. Don’t worry, this is to save your Halloween night. 3 ideas for a last minute costume with only household items. 

First, the emblematic ghost costume is the easiest solution. A white sheet, two circles for the eyes and that’s it! For more fun you can take some sunglasses to be a modern ghost. No makeup, no hairstyle, you can’t do it more easily. With your friends or alone, you will be a perfect ghost 👻

You don’t want to live in hiding? You want to be the shining star of the night? The second costume is for you, simple but efficient: the thief! 🤑 One striped t-shirt, one black cap and a bag for the money and that’s all. If you want to be a real thief, you can paint your eyes in black like a mask. Be careful not to be arrested by the police, the night would be less funny 🧑‍✈️

If you have an old t-shirt, you almost have your costume. You just need to make some holes, dirty it and it’s done! You are a real zombie! With black eye makeup, which no talent is required to do, just to seem more sick. After that, all is in your approach. Walk like a zombie and it could seem real 🧟

Now you have your costume, you know where the best place to go to the party is, thanks to our article “Top 3 Places to Party on Halloween”. You are ready to live your best Halloween night ever. So have fun, have a good time, and don’t forget: “Trick or Treat ?” 🍭