Roscommon Castle – Ancient East

Roscommon Castle is completely free to visit and accessible to tourists all year round. The castle was built in 1269 by Robert de Ufford, Justiciar of Ireland, on lands which were taken from an Augustinian priory. The Justiciar of Ireland was an office established during English rule in medieval times and was more or less the equivalent to a Prime Minister role in today’s terms.

From 1275 the Crown used Roscommon Castle as a stronghold against Gaelic chieftains, however, from as early as 1340, the castle was captured by the kings of Connacht, the O’Conors.

The castle was conquered several times by various owners until its eventual downfall. Under Cromwell, Roscommon Castle was badly damaged and in 1690 after it was burned down, the castle ultimately fell into decay.

Today Roscommon Castle is a National Monument of Ireland. Bordered by the ruins of the castle is Loughnaneane Park which includes a children’s playground, wildlife conservation area, outdoor exercise equipment and a lakeside walkway.