Re-imagining Urban Spaces

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Fáilte Ireland’s new Capital Grants schemes, in partnership with Local Authorities, will work to sustainably develop the public realm through urban animation projects that have potential to transform and re-imagine urban centres for visitors. At the same time, it will create vibrant and creative communities and greater capacity in outdoor dining by supporting individual businesses to upgrade and enhance streets and public spaces and implementing weather-proofing solutions which will facilitate year-round outdoor dining.

Outdoor Dining Enhancement Scheme

Fáilte Ireland’s new Outdoor Dining Enhancement Investment Scheme, in partnership with Local Authorities will work to facilitate greater capacity in outdoor dining by supporting Local Authorities and hospitality businesses with upgrading and enhancing streets and public spaces and implementing weather-proofing solutions which will facilitate year-round outdoor dining. This investment scheme will be delivered under the Fáilte Ireland ‘Opening the Outdoors’ strategic pillar which aims to capitalise our outdoor assets and re-imagine our urban spaces.

The Outdoor Dining Enhancement Scheme consist of 2 elements: 
  • Outdoor Seating & Accessories for Tourism & Hospitality Business – Providing support to individual hospitality and tourism businesses towards the cost of equipment to provide additional outdoor seating and facilitate individual businesses to increase their outdoor dining capacity for the summer of 2021.
  • Weatherproofing & Outdoor Dining Infrastructure – Implement the necessary remedial works and weatherproofing solutions to areas where additional outdoor dining could be possible thereby increasing capacity and locations.

Urban Animation Scheme

Fáilte Ireland’s Urban Animation Capital Investment Scheme is a new pilot Capital Grants Scheme for Local Authorities aimed at supporting sustainable tourism development through public realm and urban animation projects that have the potential to transform and re-imagine urban centres for visitors and communities.

Tourism has been one of the worst affected sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic with tourism and hospitality businesses closed for lengthy periods. Consumer research undertaken by Fáilte Ireland during the pandemic has shown that the public and visitors remain interested in our key urban centres, but anxieties regarding personal safety continue. As a result, Fáilte Ireland considers that urban animation will play an increasingly important role in transforming and re-imagining our public spaces as safe, welcoming, vibrant places and as destinations to live, work and visit and help support their economic recovery. As the COVID-19 roadmap levels decrease from higher to lower risk levels, it will be a significant challenge to attract people back into public streets and spaces, particularly urban centres most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Scheme will be delivered under Fáilte Ireland’s ‘Opening the Outdoors’ Pillar of its 2021 Business Plan which aims to capitalise on our outdoor assets and re-imagine our urban spaces by working through Local Authorities. Fáilte Ireland has developed Best Practice Guidelines for Outdoor Seating and Urban Animation which are available to all Local Authorities to offer inspiration.