4 Restaurants to Discover the Perfect Irish Meal in Dublin


When you come to Ireland, you simply can’t miss the Irish food specialties. And with the winter months incoming, what better excuse than to cosy up inside and eat a great meal. Here are our top 4 restaurants to live your real Irish foodie dream:

First of all, you can’t miss Davy Byrne’s. It is the best choice you can make to eat an Irish meal and discover part of what makes Ireland so special. Experience a warm mood to discover the culinary delights of this fine establishment. If you want to try the famous Guinness in other variations than the liquid form, it’s the place for you. 

Our second suggestion is the Bloom Brasserie, another amazing place to tempt your taste buds with Irish food. A modern yet traditional restaurant, this place is located in Dublin 4 so it is the perfect stop for those exploring the city centre. The Bloom Brasserie uses only the highest quality and locally sourced food, ensuring amazing taste in every bite. 

For our last choice, and maybe one of our favourites…be sure to head to The Sussex ! The restaurant is located near to Stephen’s Green, in the heart of Dublin. Its serving of Irish meals mixed with a sophisticated approach is the perfect match. A warm and welcoming place awaits you. The Sussex will know how to make you appreciate the Irish meal!

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